EuroSpeleo 2016 - 4th EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium


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The European Cave Protection Commission will hold a two day symposium on 15th - 16th August at the EuroSpeleo venue. It covers protectoin and conservation under EU law for caves and karst areas. The ECPC president, Jean-Claude Thies would like to invite anyone who wishes to speak at the symposioum to contact him directly at


After Vercors (FR) 2008, Muotathal (CH) 2012 and Băile Herculane (RO) 2014 the 4th EurosSeleo Protection Symposium (ESPS) will be held on the 15th and 16th of August, during the 5th European Speleology Congress 2016 in Great Britain.

The success of previous Symposia, organized by the ECPC -(European Cave Protection Commission) have shown that the interest in all topics regarding the protection of the so beloved Caves and Karst is a subject that cavers, scientific and tourists share.

Protecting a cave is not just prohibiting anyone to get inside and sealing it away from public eyes. This is what happens with some rare treasures here on earth and this practice could also be happen to certain caves in the future if we don't take care enough of this marvelous and endangered secrets underground, or of the exposed karstic areas that exists now.

As the topic of the Symposium already indicates, there is Conservation and there is:

  • Preservation and finally there are laws.
  • How can and should we deal with protection laws?
  • How could we initiate protection measures in our caves and on our karst?

There are a number of best-practices in cave protection all over Europe that show how coordinated work between cavers, scientists, nature protectors and especially authorities can be effective in the field and also work to the happiness of all parties. These case studies are often transcriptable to other regions in Europe and we can learn a lot from such success stories.

The 4th EuroSpeleo Protection  Symposium is dealing with all this matters. There is no age limit when it comes to act for the good cause, so I invite you all to take part in this 2-Day symposium on the 15th -16th of August during the 5th European Caving congress 2016 in Great Britain.

The form of the presentations and communication can be of any kind: lectures, posters, projections, workshops, self expression.

Please get in contact with us ( if you would like to take part in the symposium with any kind of presentation.

See you all in Great-Britain in 2016.

Jean-Claude Thies
ECPC President

You can find out more at the ECPC website::