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Hello everyone,

I've read the expedtion insurance topic from 2016 and thought I'd ask if there were any updates on suitable expedition insurers or is it still just Dogtag, Snowcard and PJ Harman as mentioned in the 2016 thread ? Also any issues with going to countries where there isn't any organised cave rescue as we are going to Namibia.

Many Thanks

PS I know that ADAC are no longer selling new policies to non-German residents.


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There are different levels with snow card:

Pot Holing and Caving (in previously explored systems where there is organised local cave rescue)

Pot Holing and Caving (exploratory systems where there is organised local cave rescue)

Pot Holing and Caving (exploratory systems where there is no organised local cave rescue)

each at a different level of cover...


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I have heard that one of the well known 3 above has only paid out for some medical costs being claimed for (on one occasion) in the last couple of years. I believe there were other things claimed for under the insurance, but were rejected.

I believe the country was Burma and the insurer may have been Dogtag. I think the scenario was Expedition and no organised cave rescue, but a Team/self extraction was carried out.

I think I might need to read our club journal again, there might be more details in there.

The information above is third hand.


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When I bought insurance for a trip to Mulu last month, PJ Hayman was a little cheaper than Dogtag and Snowcard, and had a much better way of dealing with existing medical conditions (you could do it all on line and not have to find time to ring someone in office hours).


It's important to check all the conditions placed on what you are doing. Some policies say they cover an activity but on enquiry know very little about it , and actually only cover a low level of activity.

Snowcard are more expensive but seem to understand what they are covering.

Interesting to see there is a reasonably priced company that makes life easier if people travelling have medical conditions.