Eyam Dale House Cave - Access Change


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Regretfully, someone has been careless on Instagram and the landowner has now requested that the cave lid be locked and the access route map removed from the cave registry. In future you'll need to contact the DCA Access Officer for the current padlock code (changed regularly) and a copy of the route map if you have not been before. The cave is within the grounds of a private house, and visitors are reminded that they should be cautious with what information they put on public facing social media for this and all sites. Access agreements are often hard won and always remain fragile.
Please see the PDCi cave registry for full details:
Pete Knight
DCA Projects and Equipment Officer

Pete K

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What is TMI, the name of the cave?
That, and the general behaviour demonstrated by those in the video was what prompted the landowner to contact DCA. Usual Insta "OMG it's soo dangerous! Listen to the smashing sound of this stuff we're throwing down" type nonsense. He understands it was not the normal caving crowd though, and was very complementary about the politeness of most visitors.

FabianE said:
Hopefully this could be rectified after a little bit of quiet and time...
I hope so. What we have now is still better than the access that we had when it was a nursing home and you needed a physical key and advance booking though. In practice, organising a trip here is still only a case of emailing the owner to notify them and checking you have the right code with someone at DCA, so could still be a plan a trip the day before kind of thing.