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Film about the Riesending rescue in the German Alps 2014


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Just watched a 2 part film loosely based on the 11 day Riesending rescue back in 2014. It is one of those "true stories, where only the facts have been changed!".

Great entertainment, nicely filmed with plenty of realism, but apart from the timings, nature of injury, and the well documented conflict of interest between the German Mountain Rescue organisation co-ordinating the rescue and the ragtag band of international cavers who were physically able to carry out the rescue, it didn't really stick to the actual plot that well.

Anyway, for anyone who has a VPN and is able to understand German it is available on the ARD Mediathek website to watch. Well worth it just for the entertainment value.

For anyone not familiar with the rescue....



New member
Thank you @hoehlenforscher for posting this.
I've just watched the first part and will commence the second part tomorrow.

Although not being very familiar with the German side of caving as it's a hobby I've only discovered since moving here I have to say I was vaguely aware of the German news reports about this rescue.

It's sad to see a slight resemblance of this rescue as well as the Thai rescue in the fact that the local organizations are adamant they can sort it out without calling on help from the people who do this sport regularly.