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Forum ban / acceptable use policy - please read.

Not open for further replies.


By signing up the these forums you are bound by these conditions. If you don't like that, then don't sign up.

If you act like an idiot, we will ban you. We may warn you first, depending on how much of an idiot you have been.

What is a bannable offence?
I think we all know what is and what isn't acceptable on this forum but for the benefits of new or recent users.
  • Trolling and malicious hijacking of topics.
  • Personal insults/attacks/threats - we're all adults, keep it civil.
  • Hatred: Sexism/Racism/etc - most of us know what is and isn't acceptable and what is and isn't real hatred.
  • Arguing with moderator's decisions on the public forum. Feel free to contact the mod team if you disagree with a decision but do it privately. If you're banned then use the email contact form.
  • Spamming the forum in any way, i.e. no we don't want to buy your penis enlargment pills thanks.
  • Direct links to illegal content - e.g. don't post an e2dk or torrent link to illegal software on the public forums.
  • Other illegal content - e.g. don't post kiddie porn, etc.
  • Abuse of the PM system. Either spamming other users or sending insults /threats/etc. Although we have never yet needed to read anybody's PMs, it is possible to do so and accusations of such abuse will be investigated.
  • Posting personal information that is not your own without direct consent from the party involved. e.g. don't give out somebody's address or phone number.

These rules apply to 99% of cases, but if somebody is a known troublemaker from another forum, or if they post something that is massively out of order then they'll probably just get a permanent ban. Some people just aren't welcome here.

Anything Else?
Don't resort to critcising people's grammar or spelling when arguing/debating - firstly it's rather scraping the insults barrel; secondly people often type to forums quickly whilst at work, etc; and secondly some people may be dyslexic.

Don't post in CAPS - it's considered shouting which is considered rude.
Not open for further replies.