Four Valleys System extended

Friends of the 4 Valleys System will be pleased about the latest addition to the 67.5km network.
After many hours (over years) of excavating a draughting hole in the woods to the north and above the Mushroom Field in Matienzo, Torca de la Decepción (Disappointment Pot) has become the 14th and 15th entrances to the 4 Valleys System. A tight, wet, and strongly draughting crawl at the base of a couple of pitches was excavated a few days ago to reach another pitch and a continuing downstream route. This was pushed to a boulder pile with holes above.
The survey centre lines on the map (500m grid) show the cave passing over Shrimp Bone Inlet and the end point coinciding (almost exactly!) with the east end of Armageddon passage in Cueva Hoyuca, probably in the area of the "Judgement Pitch". A scrap of rope has been pushed up through a hole between boulders, hopefully to be found on a trip down Giant Panda into Armageddon.
Exploration will also continue in Disappointment as there are a number of inlets and avens to investigate.
An excellent effort from all involved!



A few days ago, Disappointment Pot in Matienzo was linked into Rocky Horror in Cueva Hoyuca via a drop into Shrimp Bone Inlet. The map (500m grid) shows the approximate centre line of Cueva Hoyuca as a purple line. The original correction to Armageddon is labelled "1", the new connection into Shrimp Bone Inlet / Rocky Horror, "2". There are still a number of leads to look at but the system has been detackled for now. The tight, wet crawl - dug out this summer - means that the cave cannot be pushed in unsettled weather.
With a total length of 2335m, Disappointment Pot has increased the length of the 4 Valleys System to 69786m.
Adjusted cave on map-A.jpeg