FSUE AGM at Vercors 2008


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Olivier Vidal said:
Dear Cave lovers, Chers amoureux des Grottes & Gouffres,

As you might already know, there will be an extraordinary general assembly meeting of the European Federation (FSUE) during next European Congress Vercors 2008.

An important moment will be the renewal of 2 positions in the Bureau (Treasurer & Vice-Secretary). That's why you receive this message. The European Federation is made of what each European caver contribute to it. That's why your role here is very important in order to help our European Federation on these two tasks. The FSUE is before anythingelse a question of Passion for Speleology and Human Relations between Cave lovers all around Europe.

If you know interested persons or if you are interested please take contact with us at :
so that we'll be able to give you more details.

For your information the last FSUE GAM report is available on :

And the last Bureau meeting report on :

We thank you for your active contribution,

Have a very good caving summer day and see you soon in Vercors,

Kind Speleological Regards,

Olivier Vidal
Secr. General FSUE
+33 6 81 61 16 70