Future CHECC Venues?


Went CHECC venue hunting the other day and found a couple that seem to tick all the boxes. Thornbridge Outdoors Center looks pretty good, they are council-run and have hired out their site for large outdoor festivals in the past with over 500 attendees. Speaking to one of the site managers they seem quite happy hosting a CHECC-style event at their site, they have:

1. Lots of indoor sleeping space (136 beds) outdoors probably a couple thousand.
2. A large commercial kitchen + 3 large satalite kitchens.
3. A largeish indoor space for the AGM and Stomp (probably get 150 standing comfortably), + a few smaller meeting rooms.
4. The venue's a 30 min drive from Castleton + walking distance from some mines.
5. It's well away from local residents who might complain about noise.

Outside there's ample space for camping and a large yurt that looks suitable for cult rituals. In terms of parking they have two car parks that can hold 40+20 cars as well as the roadside parking outside the venue that can probably accommodate a further 40-50 cars. In the summer they can allow parking on the fields and have additional perma tents set up for extra camping space.

Costs for weekend site hire are on the higher end but within reason for a CHECC event:

Including VAT the prices are:

1 May 2024 – 30 Sept 2024: £6041
1 – 31 Oct 2024: £5090
1 Nov 2024 – 31 March 2025: £4447

So you'd probably need at least 200 people each paying £35 for an event in the summer and be able to charge a bit less in the winter. Unfortunately, the earliest available dates for 2024 are 30 Aug – 1 Sep 13 – 15 Sept 20 – 22 Sept 19 – 21 Oct 25 – 27 Oct, all Nov weekends except 8 – 10 Nov and all Dec weekends. Most of 2025 is currently free. Traditionally Peaks CHECC traditionally has the largest turnout due to its central location for both southern and northern clubs.

To secure a booking there's a holding deposit of £500.

They were kind enough to let me video our tour...

Another similar venue is Mount Cook, they had people staying this weekend so I wasn't able to visit in person but in terms of facilities they're a bit nicer and a bit more expensive.

Fortunately, their website is excellent and gives you a good idea of the site from their virtual tour and gallery pages.

Venue hire for weekends between November and February is £6,720, then April – July is £12,984. (Refundable booking deposit £2,000).

They have 35 indoor bedrooms that sleep 4 each in bunkbeds, totalling 140 beds. All bedrooms have an ensuite shower room.

They also have 10 Glamping Pods available that sleep 4 people in each, with USB charging, a toilet and sink with cold running water, and a heater in each pod.

Exclusive Use fee includes:

35 indoor bedrooms that sleep 4 each (140 beds total) + 10 glamping pods (40 beds total)
Main Hall, Small Hall, Riber View + the Tipi (only available in the summer)
Small kitchenette
Large Industrial Kitchen + some fridge and freezer space
All outdoor space (approx. 9 acres)

I'm not on the committee so don't want to get too involved but hopefully the info is useful :),the only advice I would give is that it's worth booking these types of venues super far in advance before they book up, ideally like a year in advance. Saves you dealing with months of creeping anxiety as the event draws closer.


I think the two largest attended CHECC forum weekends I worked at were Castleton Rotary Centre in 2008, about 320 + staff, and Yoxter on Mendip in 2012, over 350 + staff. 200+ shouldn't be too difficult I'd have thought.
And I never poisoned anyone........unintentionally


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Funnily enough the idea of CHECC venues was mentioned in the pub tonight! Kirkby Lonsdale rugby club was thrown out as an option


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Thornbridge did show up in the search for venues this year, personally thought it looked really good! Regrettably it only surfaced quite late on in the process, realistically after the suitable cut off point would have been to go ahead with a national CHECC in the peaks, especially with the interaction / conversation time with the venue taken into account.


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Funnily enough the idea of CHECC venues was mentioned in the pub tonight! Kirkby Lonsdale rugby club was thrown out as an option
As a summer location it would work as you will need to camp and the ground will need to stop being a tad muddy after hundreds of little feet have churned it up. Obviously has big changing rooms and showers etc, reasonable bar and kitchen, and they bring in extra stuff if you are willing to pay for it. They are always keen for extra cash. Walking distance to lots of pubs and a number of more upmarket dining experiences suitable for todays student.

Otherwise it is the perfect location if you actually want to go caving.
Went CHECC venue hunting the other day and found a couple that seem to tick all the boxes.
Really excellent movie boys. Comedic yet informative. Enjoyed the dust pan shelves in the venue and the drying room looks nice and. intimate thank you kindly