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Gaping Gill to Clapham Bottoms pot

Afternoon all. Hope you are all holding up well in these different times.
Just need to verify something.
Is it possible to do a thorough trip from GG and out of Clapham bottoms ?  Or any other way from GG  and out the bottom without diving? Myself and a friend have been learning the system over the last few years and are now pushing into the far counties/ echo rift area.
The internet is full of conflicting and confusing accounts so thought i would ask on here.
Thanks and stay safe.


Pie Muncher

A through trip is only available to divers at present.
A concerted digging effort would make for a non-diving connection though.


Gaping Gill and Clapham Bottoms connect via the sump at the base of Hallucination Aven, at the end of Far Waters. The sump goes to the Troubled Waters Series in Clapham Bottoms. There is no dry connection, the only way to do the through trip is via diving.

There is also no dry connection to Ingleborough Cave - the connection being through the boulder choke in Spiral Aven (also in Far Waters) through to Radagasts Revenge and then underwater to the terminal sumps in Ingleborough Cave. Unfortunately the connection in Spiral Aven collapsed soon after the through trips were conducted in 1983, so even with diving, there is currently no way to do the through trip.

Hope that helps!




Well-known member
Benfool said:
the connection being through the boulder choke in Spiral Aven (also in Far Waters)

Technically through the boulder choke in the Lower Series. Spiral Aven is the climb that connects the Lower Series with Penny Arcade.