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Gavel Pot / Kendal CC


Active member
Calling Kendal Caving Club...

There are some muddy hand prints on formations in Glasfurd's Chamber.

Gavel Pot is Kendal's adopted cave. Please could someone from Kendal get in touch and let me know if they can take on the cleaning task?

If not I'm happy to go and do it when I get chance.


Active member
Hi Hannah, yep sure we'll sort it, we were actually chatting about doing a general TLC trip in Glasfurd's recently after re-discovering that we'd adopted a cave sometime in the forgotten past, cheers for letting us know

Steve Clark

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A small group of us have a photography trip to Glasfurd's planned for Sunday 26th June. If we can assist in any way with documenting or actual cleaning please let me know.


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Just as an update on this we (KCC) finally got round to our conservation day in Glasfurd's on Saturday, had 8 folks along and cleaned up all the smudging and stains we could find. Also had a good crack at cleaning the double stal under the curtain at the start of the crawl, and its base - some nice flowstone under all that mud. There were hushed rumours of making it an annual scrubbing event. Thanks to Andrew and Gedd at NE for helping organise us picking the gear up, and a reminder that CNCC has a healthy stock of conservation gear that you can just borrow whenever
[pics by Chris Hunter and Darren Mackenzie]


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Well done those involved!

Hannahb asked for before and after images. There is a framed photograph of this spot which hangs on the wall of the NPC library. It shows the late Denis Caroll shortly after these formations were discovered. Universally known as "Cadge" he was often to be found in the Helwith Bridge Inn (as he lived close by). Cadge was a big mate of the late Peter Walker Shaw (better known as "Chester") who lived for many years in Clapham. The pair first "discovered" the Dales and the NPC in the 1960s, eventually settling in the area. In order to make ends meet in the early days they did some work for the owners of the then Skirwith show cave, installing a lot of the concrete steps.

Anyway, this is probably one of the earliest photographs of these formations, for comparison. They seem to have survived 5 decades of regular visits by cavers pretty well.