Gonna be in the toon



Not really caving as such.
After some advise from you geordies.

We are up in the NE in a couple of weeks time (mainly visiting the outlaws).

While we are up in Ncl - we'd like to pick up a nice big picture of the tyne bridge for our kitchen wall. Preferably black and white. Can anyone think of any picture shops that might have something like that in.
Just a thought.

Also - wheres the nearest caving to Ncl (well - chester le street).
And if I can wangle it - anyone fancy a trip out.

There is a bit of kit I left stuck in a cave near Barnatt Castle that I could do with retriveing too.


tubby two

Caves in weardale, though i've never done any there as the main one that looks good is fairy holes, a mine/cave with no access what so ever (i.e. try to walk towards the entrance to have a look and a security guard descends on you before you even leave the car!). Otherwise its the dales.

There are some mines and caves in the N pennines, near alston, the mines of nenthead being particularly good and home to an impressive shaft (80m deep with an engine room and water-wheel at the bottom) and a nice multi-level through trip.

There are some caves too, but all small and little used. We tried priorsdale cave once but couldnt pass a squeeze about 5m in, then we tried to find ayle-burn mine cave but failed miserably by which time it was dark.

The climbings good up in the county though.

As for pictures i have no idea (i'm not the most seasoned shopper in the world) but i'd have though somewhere on gray street would have them, or the TIC.

Always up for a trip out though, let me know if you get the chance.

Nenthead mines are probs the best bet.



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Hi Sam T,
If you want a photo of the bridges the best place to get them from is the crafty type market stalls which are there on a Sunday morning on Armstrong Bridge, just above Jesmond Dene.  Make sure you go down to the Quayside at night as the millenium bridge lights up in pretty colours at night!

In terms of caving there's not a huge amount we've really done as a club nearby the toon.  (Mainly because they caves are all quite small.)  I agree with Sam W (aka Tubby 2) that Nenthead's your best bet. (The Ballroom and Brewery Shaft is pretty good - the latter being slightly "not allowed" though and there's some cool through trips to be done and a nice cafe with traditional cornish pasties for when you get out!)There's a nice pub/restaurant in Marsden Bay (near South Shields) called the Grotto which is a pub in a cave for the novelty value.  (It's not so good if you don't like seafood though!)  There was a cave we did near Alston from NC1 called Tubman or something (Graham aka newcastlecaver - what was it called again?) That was ok - a bit longer than most of the ones near Alston, but quite wet if i remember rightly and a fair walk to get to it.

Hope you have fun in the Sunny North East!


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Search for "tyne"

These are printed up by my mate in Draley Dale



Hi - cheers guys (and gals).

(wont be here at the weekend).

Ended up getting two smaller prints from a gallery at the bottom of dean street.

Haven't had enough time for caving - but I did get down the drift mine at beamish yesterday - so sort of underground (also a bit dissapointing).  :cautious:

TT - give us the nod when your down in sheff if you want to get out somewhere.

Catch ya laters.