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Grand Opening Of The “Naples Underground Museum”




It is official, and we are delighted to announce the grand opening and preview, on October 25th, of the Naples Underground Museum as it celebrates its long awaited grand opening beneath Piazza Cavour, near the National Archaeological Museum.
The opening festivities will coincide with the popular “Naples White Night” celebration. Cooperation among various community groups has finally provided the spark needed to make the lifetime dream of Clemente Esposito, president of the Southern Speleological Center, become a reality.
It is with the substantial contribution of members of the cultural association, ETRA Riflessi D'Arte, which promotes cultural and fine art activities, that an original theatrical work will be presented October 29th in the unique underground museum which is actually located in an ancient connection of cavities and passageways beneath the city.
The Naples Underground Museum's address is Piazza Cavour 140 in Naples.

By - Napoli Underground

Translation - Larry Ray