Guscott Pot Find


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Guscott Pot - small breakthrough
Black Sheep Diggers have pushed Test of Faith passage heading towards North Choke in the New Goyden system. For their effort they were rewarded with approx 15m of new passage. When first entered the stream disappeared off south from a junction down a long 10cm wide slot. Thinking that was bad news we sat back in an alcove and noticed another alcove with what may be passage off to the right. It was indeed with drop into muddy pot. The wall of mud and stone blocking access to the pot was quickly dealt with and then down the drop with view right into a small breakdown chamber. Here the stream reappeared now flowing north!... into the floor and down a choke, giving us the possibility of a further dig, good news. So the find was named Bad News Junction and Good News Chamber. The pushing goes on to make the link.