Help needed! Corris Uchaf Slate Mine (North Wales)


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Hi this is my first post on here. I am a big Underground explorer and I am currently planning an exploration in Corris to what is known as the Binoculars mine but from what I believe it is called Abercwmeiddaw mine? (please correct me if I am wrong! And I am potentially planning to visit Uchaf Slate Mine, again I also believe it is called Gaewern Slate Mine? (please correct me again if I am wrong)

I was looking to see if there are any surveys, plans or maps of these mines if anyone has any or could direct me to the right place, or if you could send me a detailed description of the trip and what i should expect and equipment I need to explore


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Most important item... Screwfix sell a hard hat for £4.99, or borrow a climbing or caving helmet. The roof can have fangs of rock. I slipped and stumbled forwards and whacked my head hard enough to take a chunk out of a helmet. No helmet and that'd be a fractured skull for sure!

Have a good torch and a pair of wellies

Tell someone where you are going and agree a time by which you call/text them or they should consider you missing band phone police

Don't leave litter, spray paint or damage/take anything, don't damage fences, shut gates. Park considerately and keep a low profile.

*Enjoy* the trip and get some good photos!

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Hi Charlotte. Can't find your email. PM me and I'll drop you an old Gaewern survey I have. Access more iffy these days I think, so bit of discretion needed, Nowt in there a person of your ability can't manage safely. Bolts were okay on my last visit and IIRC a 25m rope sees you safely up and down any bits that need it.


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Binoculars Mine!, Uchaf Slate Mine! what?, whoever came up with those names!

Get yourself a copy of the Gazetter of Slate Quarrying in Wales by Alun Richards.
It lists all quarries and gives an idea of their size. And the correct name.



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Yes, that book is a treasure trove. Doesn't have much in the way of plans/surveys but does list names and grid ref for *mostly* all the slate quarries. I recommend checking for things like that


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Aye. Excellent publication. Gives you a good idea of what you might expect to see as each entry has a Remains section which normally indicates what you might see above ground, and whether there might be any underground chambering.