• Descent 295 - out now!

    Descent 295 has an official publication date of 2 December and you can now place orders on our website. Subscribers should receive their copies over the next few days.

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Hidden Earth Advance Bookings - and T-shirts

If anyone would like a Hidden Earth T-shirt, please note that, this year, these must be booked in advance by 11pm on 15th September (next Monday).  You cannot order one after this date, and spares are not guaranteed to be available at the event.

The reason for this is that it obviously saves us money if we can order the exact number, rather than print them speculatively. Last year there were lot left over, even though it was really good design I thought  :clap:

And what is this year's design, you may ask.  I dont know.  :confused: I will try to get hold of a graphic and post it on the web site. Unless you've got it, Les, and can post it here?

Online bookings are at http://booking.hidden-earth.org.uk. Online bookings close at 11pm on Saturday 20th September, i.e. one week before the event.