Hidden Earth Salons - Entry forms

As usual, in 2023 we shall be running the four salons - Photo, Art, Video, and Survey. However, there will be a number of changes, caused by the fact that we have started organising this event quite late and we have a number of key gaps in our team this year. Think of it as if we were gradually easing ourselves back into operation after four years away - which, of course, is exactly what is happening. The main difference is that there is going to be more of an emphasis on the "salon" nature of these events (i.e. showing your work to others) rather than the "competition" side of things. With that in mind, please do go and look at the revised descriptions at hidden.earth/salons as you will find that the categories have changed - particularly for the Photo Salon.

Apart from the Video Salon, you will see that the salons are marked as "Entries Closed". That's just a quirk of how the website is coded - what it actually means is "Entries not yet open". There will be online entry forms, but they are not yet ready for use. That should not stop you from preparing your entries though. If you have any queries about the entry process itself, please email me at competitions@hidden.earth. If you have a query about the individual salons you can contact the salon co-ordinators, who are ...


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Salons update...

Photo Salon:
Online entry in advance but the form is not quite ready yet. Very soon all being well.

Video Salon:
Online entry open! Details on how to enter are here: https://hidden.earth/salons/video

Art Salon and Survey Salon
We're not doing entry in advance this year so you can just turn up on Saturday morning with your artwork and surveys. Don't forget to bring a label to display your name and the title of your work.

We're really looking forward to seeing all the work the caving community have been up to since the last Hidden Earth.

(Don't worry, advanced tickets are on the way soon too!)


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Photo salon entry is now open!


Sorry for the delay due to some technical issues but you can now submit your photo entries online. Submissions from both established and new photographers are invited.

Remember, it's not just about a competition, it's also an opportunity to show your work to your peers. So no matter what level you're at, we welcome everyone!