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Hidden Earth Stomp!

SHould Hidden Earth Stomp be a Disco or a Rock Band...

  • Disco

    Votes: 24 51.1%
  • Rock Band

    Votes: 23 48.9%

  • Total voters

Les W

Active member
Hi all,
OK I know I will regret this but I need some feedback on the stomp...  :-\

We have now had a disco for two years and people seem to enjoy it, especially the naked yoof  :D 8)

So, to the point. I myself prefer a good rock band but others clearly do not.

I would like to know if the attendees would prefer I book:
a. A Rock Band (i.e. Rockaholic, from previous years)
b. A disco (i.e DJ Basher and DJ Eddy Sharp Pencil, who have performed the last two years)

Please vote above and add any comments here.


Staff member
How about,

c. a fat bald git on a harmonica - nice one!

Seriously, something different.


New member
Best bet is to mix it up a bit.. some years band, some years disco.
Also, vary the bands a bit more.

I play in a band (The Tetleys) and we've played at quite a few stomps and caving do's but we only play at the same one once every 2 or 3 years rather than every year - else they can get a bit repetitive. No issue with Rockaholic though, they are a great band and we've had them at some of our stomps.


cap n chris

Well-known member


I prefer the disco as it's easier to play a wider taste of music (and requests as well) than whatever genre the band's playlist is which means it should cover all people's tastes to a point. I think the important thing though is to make sure where the venue allows the stomp is close to the main bar and also costs no extra on the whole weekend so more people will just get involved, even if it is just for a song or two.


New member
I've never really gone to either (not that I've stayed much at HE, done more day visits than anything) so maybe I shouldn't vote.

I reckon the suggestion by seamoose is a good one, a mixture to keep everyone happy.

Although of course, if you are fussy about the music on the night, you clearly haven't drank enough ale.  :beer:


New member
I prefer a Rock band and agree with Seamoose, it's always good to rotate it. A little biased, but The Tetleys are a seasoned Stomp band. 8)


Staff member
The Tetley's playing Leek would probably be a good move then.

Good trad R&B stomp band. Haven't had that for a few years have we?


Bob Mehew

Well-known member
Les W said:
Yes, Hidden Earth is to be in Leek for 2014
26th to 28th September...

(y) (y) (y) :beer: :beer: :beer:

I missed the earth moving for this momentous announcement (probably because I was driving home early on Sunday).  It is a welcome change to get back to the good old times when we knew where we were supposed to go a year ahead.  That is also the second fixed date for the rope test rig in my diary for next year!  (The other being the Forest of Dean event on 21 & 22 June.)  Next you will be telling me the date of the 2016 event.


New member
I was hoping for a call band. Like a good ol' fashion hodown. You know. Square dancing and such. That's what I pictured in my brain anyway haha. Square dances are tons of fun and since there is a caller you don't have to know the steps or how to dance to do it.


New member
You want a bet - I've heard those callers and haven't got a clue what they're talking about. Plus their music is crap. American rubbish :p

Prefer proper live rock bands myself, but given my record of attendance at conference don't really feel my view should count for much!