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Hidden Earth


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Hello all!  It is the time of year again when I start pleading for lecturers to step up and take part in Hidden Earth.  We all know our annual shindig is loads of fun and gives us a chance to see presentations about exotic exploration, wild and outrageous places, top notch science and buy some precious new gear, all in the company of a few hundred of our closest friends.  But many folks don?t realise how they could be a part of the fantastic lectures always on offer each year.  You don?t have to be a scientist, expedition leader, cave diver or engineer to take part ? you only need to be a caver.
The past few years we have seen a lot of interest in basic cave science tailored for a caving audience, and discussions that aren?t just about caving.  Taking that idea even further, here are a few ideas to get you thinking outside the box about how you could offer a lecture too!

? Getting your kids caving / family holidays for cavers and non-cavers to share
? Cave critters
? Bats, bat boxes and listening to bats (demonstration or interactive?)
? What does an AALA license / CIC mean to you?
? Tips and techniques for using your equipment more efficiently
? The best equipment for cavers that cave suppliers don?t stock
? BSc or MSc level research indirectly related to cave, karst, speleothems, climate change or fracking
? Planning an Expedition ? a how to guide
? Your personal caving history
? Dealing with a chronic illness and still enjoying the outdoors
? Complementary fitness to improve your caving

OK, ok you get the idea ? I could go on and on?and most of these things are topics I?d enjoy myself.  So think about the knowledge and experience you have, and find a way that might benefit your fellow caver.  Then get in touch, sign up, and get into Hidden Earth for FREE on the day of your lecture(if it is 30 minutes or longer). Lecture halls are flexible so don?t be afraid to offer something that isn?t a standard slide presentation.  We can accommodate all types of presentations ? you need only ask.

If you would like to have a go at presenting at this years event, please contact me, Paula Grgich-Warke, Assistant Lecture Secretary (caverbabe1@hotmail.com or 07821426107) or Emma Porter, Lecture Secretary  (lectures@hidden-earth.org.uk).
Registration ends soon ? so please get in touch and we?ll help you sort out your application for a presentation. 
Happy Caving  and hope to see you in September in  Leek!

Paula - Caverbabe