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How do I get to Matienzo


By Car (if so - any recommended ferry crossings)


By Plane (if so which airports/do we need a hire car - can you get to the campsite by public transport etc)

(we may well have diving gear with us).

please relate your general experience of matienzo.



Les W

Active member
By car - Plymouth to Santander 18 hours on the boat across the Bay of Biscay
You can also do a channel crossing and drive across France

1. No driving (well only about 30km in spain + your distance to Plymouth) This is spot on if you have a very thirsty vehicle (Like me - Landrover).
2. Drink all night in the ships bar. :D
3. Overnight sailing means you arrive refreshed.
4. You dont have to drive through France.
5. You have your own vehicle in Spain.
6. It is a lot of driving across France + tolls + Channel crossing = lots of time (several days) and high cost. Arrive at Matienzo knackered.

1. Ferry is expensive (mind you you still need to pay for a channel crossing of some sort + the cost of fuel through France (about 3 tankfulls each way + tolls)).
2. Limited crossings -Sunday and Wed out, Thurs and Mon back.
3. Bay of Biscay on a bad day

Flying - to Santander or Bilbao

1. Quick.
2. Probably more choice on dates etc.

1. Need to hire a car in Spain. (I believe you can do it with public transport but I think it involves a degree of walking / hitching, not very convenient with a load of baggege)
2. Small baggage allowance.
3. You are gonna be so surcharged on baggage if you have tent / camping gear, caving gear and diving

If you want to fly it is possible to arrange collection from the airport from people who drove, this avoids a hire car but does limit you in Matienzo.

If you want to sail then you can car share to keep down costs, I know of at least one space in a vehicle going over this easter.

Hope this helps

ps. bring pleanty of beer money :D

pps matienzo has a mail list, there are links on the website, you can swap lifts, etc there.