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Hurtle Pot boggart


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"Dovecote Gill Cave" . . . . ?

The best time to hear the "glutting" noise at Hurtle Pot is when the water is falling after a moderately high flood. The level varies by about 15 m, occasionally overflowing from the rim of Hurtle Pot (to join the torrent also overflowing from Jingle Pot further up the beck). The best "glutting" noises come when the water level is going down from about 8 m below the overspill point; the sounds can be really quite remarkable.

The Boggart still lives . . . . or is it a CDG member? With some CDG members there's probably not that much difference after all! 


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There is a good possibility the Hurtle Pot boggart will be gurgling TODAY (Saturday 12th). We had a wet night last night, the milder air also melting what was left of the snow on the tops. Rivers are high and the water level will be well up in Hurtle as I type. As it's going down, he should start his "glutting".


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grahams said:
Pitlamp said:
a.k.a. "Hebblethwaite Gill", with its fine gorge? Or is it different from that one?
Here's Hebblethwaite and its short cave.
Would guess there's some potential for new cave.

Yes, there is. The main cave in Hebblethwaite Gill (Penny Farm Cave No.1) ends at a choked sump. We had a go at it (with permission from the relevant farmer) but only got in a couple of metres. There is however some question as to whether the water is coming from sinks in the main gill nearby or from further afield. Interesting area that, particularly its geology.

Liza Frank

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Hey Mike

Thanks! These two articles are great. I particularly loved when Hutton went into the cave: He reported that ?a thousand ideas, which had been for many years dormant, were excited in my imagination?Several passages out of Ovid?s Metamorphosis, Virgil and other classics crowded into my mind together?.  which feels very on point! And I can never resist a boggart...

Thanks again

mikem said: