Insurance for guest cavers at Eurospeleo?


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I was going to email the organisers directly, but figured the answer might be useful to others here.

I have some Dutch friends coming over for Eurospeleo - they are members of Speleo NL and last time they came to the UK I insisted on them getting DIM BCA insurance (this was before they joined Speleo NL).
They are asking if their Speleo NL insurance will cover them at Eurospeleo or not?
If not, do they need to renew their BCA DIM insurance or does the Eurospeleo ticket include insurance for the duration of the event?

If someone could please offer the answer that would be super helpful.
Many thanks, Chris


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It's my understanding that anyone attending the event will be covered by BCA insurance.  Therefore your friends would not need to be insured separately and that will include PLI for descending any of the caves on offer.  I'm sure Nick will respond with greater authority in due course too.


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I can confirm that anyone who pays to attend Eurospeleo 2016 will be covered by BCA insurance for participation in any event which is part of the official timetable.

Nick Williams
BCA PL Scheme Manager