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J Rat's Digging Award Evening 2012

Ali M

J Rat Digging Award Evening - Saturday 17th November at the Hunter?s

This evening is a celebration of Mendip and Scottish digging in memory of Tony Jarratt.
Please bring along any information regarding digging over the past year including photographs, surveys and write-ups. The long room will be open for putting up display material from 7pm.

7.30pm ? Start
7.45pm ? Presentation of the Digging Award for 2012
8.00 ? 9.00pm ? Presentation on Reservoir Hole by Nick Chipchase
9.00 ? 9.20pm ? Mendip Roundup by Mark Helmore

There will be another opportunity to see Kev Speight in the infamous Eliza Sump video.

Also during the evening at the landowner's insistence the survey data from the winning dig has been incorporated in the larger Therion model of the caves of the area. Graham Mullan will demonstrate that model and will tell you where you can find a copy of your very own to play with as well.  :beer:

The Old Ruminator

Well-known member
Ummm. that's me then. I was forced into it to shut me up on here. I may have some new unpublished photos of huge new extensions then again I may not. We may have the J'Rat award then again we may not. Those Scots are canny folk. Peter is absent at the moment and we all know what happens then. Perhaps if we do find something we will have to wait until he gets back. Well we did find a glorious three metres last week and that stays in limbo for J'Rat as it wasnt surveyed in the same year Oct 31 - Oct 31. Damn. It could have made all the difference.

Just tried to make the new Photobucket work and couldn't. Luckily I can transfer back to the better old version.

Well don't tell Ali. Here is a sneaky one from last week.


This is where Andy F. has promised we will find miles of fossil master cave. Seconds after the photo was taken the big rock in the middle fell on the photographer. It was a trap you see. They would do anything to shut me up.

Shan't be digging here again for a bit as we have construction and conservation next week. Ali and the ruddy tape.

Oh then that huge open passage to explore but then I am prone to great exaggeration. ( Possibly ). All will be clear on 17th.

Then it might not. :tease:

Come along, heckle , throw Hunter's cheese rolls.

Just don't ask awkward questions.


Active member
Hmm, its likely going to Scotland then, nothing of significance found on Mendip this year. ;) ;) ;)

The Old Ruminator

Well-known member
Here is one from the presentation. My first visit to this section of passage. Just a quick photo going by --

" The Knobbly Wobblies ".

Botryoidal stalagmites on encrusted stalactites.


All rather as per Dicken's so I may add some more photos yet.

Ali M

Just a reminder that the J Rat Digging Award Evening starts tomorrow night at 7.30pm at the Hunter's. If you have material for display the long room will be open from 7.00pm and if required there will be some room on the display boards provided. It should be a great evening and I am sure that Nick will have a photo of Roger the slug who from last Tuesday was made an Honorary member of the Reservoir Hole Digging Team. Nick will explain all!
Full details of the programme are at the start of this thread.  :beer:

The Old Ruminator

Well-known member
Roger the Slug.

As a valuable member of the digging team Roger pushes onwards into virgin passage.


"Roger , come back you naughty boy".


Roger gets packed away for a new adventure another day.


Presentation for tomorrow now complete. Sadly Roger's exploits are not included as the talk only covers Oct _ Oct.  But beware fellow diggers with Roger now forging ahead into virgin cave passage you may well see us at the same venue next year.


New member
A good 'do' last night. As Nigel Graham said to me in the car park afterwards, it's exactly the sort of tribute that J-Rat would have appreciated the most.

Anyway, I have no idea why the lox model of the Cheddar Catchment wouldn't run properly on Mr Cox's laptop, but the latest (Oct 31st) versions of that, the Survex 3d model & the Reservoir Hole survey are all available now from the UBSS website on this web page.

As ever, I must give grateful thanks to all those cavers who have shared information, especially survey data, with us in building these models and making them freely available to all who wish to see them.

If there is any more data out there for this area (Pinetree Pot, anyone?) I'd love to see it and include it.

cap n chris

Well-known member
So there IS a monster system hiding in the hill after all. Glad to hear it. Just got to keep hunting and find the elusive beast now!


New member
Duncan Price said:
Can you add Wigmore Swallet?  After all, all the other caves are merely inlets!

Sure, just find me the raw survey data. Biffo has some of it, I'm thinking.

Ali M

Many thanks to Nick and Mark for their excellent presentations on Saturday night and for everyone who in brought in display material. It was great to see so many people attending and a special mention must go to the Cheddar CC who rearranged their annual dinner so that they could be present. It was a great evening that did Tony proud and he would have really enjoyed. To give people early notice so that clashes can hopefully be avoided the date of next year's event will be Saturday 16th November 2013 ? so please put it in your diary and get digging....  (y)


Excellent! The only downside to this year was the size of the room - too many interested people to fit into the backroom of the Hunters. The village hall will allow a lot more people to get involved!  :beer:
I would agree that it was an excellent evening.

I don't agree that the room was too small. What filled up the space was the two rows of tables down the full length of the room. If they hadn't been there the room would have been fine.

I think the village hall is a bad move.

However only time will tell.

Duncan Price

Active member
JohnMCooper said:
I would agree that it was an excellent evening.

I don't agree that the room was too small. What filled up the space was the two rows of tables down the full length of the room. If they hadn't been there the room would have been fine.

I'm inclined to agree with JC.  I gave up trying to see the slides from the back of the hall and listen to what was being said over the chatting of those around me and went into the bar.  I'm sure that I can catch up with latest developments here or/and at Hidden Earth next year.  I had a great evening none the less.

The Hunters' was J Rat's spiritual home and it would be a shame to move the event (however popular it has become) away from there.