King Pot - loose boulders and bats


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Spent a lovely Saturday down King Pot - given the amount of moss in the entrance rift, it doesn't look like too many people have been down this summer.

Anyway, apologies if this has already been noted but:

1. There's at least one loose, large boulder at the far side of the Anne's Pitch bypass - just as you drop down out of the choke to the bottom of the slope which leads to Bloodaxe. On my way back into the choke I attempted to use a boulder as a foothold, which moved pretty easily - and seemed to be supporting a number of others! The left wall (left when you are heading out of the cave) and the slab you post yourself between still seemed solid though.

2. There's a number of bats in the entrance series (and associated guano)! Didn't notice them on the way in, but due to the lateness of our exit, they were pretty active and were zipping through the cave as far as the 2nd pitch I think.

Other than that - great cave - but am knackered still!