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Lead shot weightbelt, free to a good home


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Please could I just draw CDG members attention to a post I put on the (members' area of the) CDG website this morning, in case anone wants this?


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No-one's asked for this, so here's a bit more detail, in case anyone not in the CDG wants it.

It weighs 11.7 kg and has a couple of small pockets for adding more weight if needed.
Got D rings, so could easily convert to cave diving use, with the addition of shoulder straps.

Collect from the Dales (I'm not posting this!) or we may be able to organise caver post.

Free - but the new owner might like to make a very modest donation to support Ukranian refugees, via: https://www.dec.org.uk/appeal/ukraine-humanitarian-appeal (I'll leave that up to you to sort out.)

Please P.M. me if you'd like this weightbelt.


If nobody else wants this, I'll take it.

I don't really want the belt, just the lead shot - so if somebody has a better use for it, then they get priority!



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Hiya Benfool,

The belt's now been claimed - but - I might be able to sort you out with some lead shot anyway. (Will have to rummage but I think I have some in the "melt me down" pile.) Email me directly and give me an idea what weight of shot you're after.