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Looking for Cerberus members!


Active member
Hi all,
I am hoping the UKcaving community can help - I am trying to make contact with Cerberus members.
The British Caving library have been collecting publications we have spare for the Cerberus library, as much of their library was lost to a flood a few years ago. Twice we have delivered large amounts of books and journals to Mendip for them.

We have another lot ready to go and we would like to bring it to Hidden Earth and arrange for a Cerberus member to collect it from us there. This would be good for the Cerberus as it gets the stock to them, without a trek up to Derbyshire, and good for us as we could do with the space!
However I am struggling to get hold of my usual contact from the Cerberus and am worried he may be abroad, or maybe my emails are going to spam?

Now Hidden Earth is less than a week away so I am appealing to UKcaving for help! We don't want to take a boot load of journals to Hidden Earth unless we know someone is able to take them off us, and deliver to the Cerberus hut.
So please if you are Cerberus member get in touch, or if you know a member please flag this up to them!
(or even if you are a Mendip dwelling caver who would be willing to help with transport from Hidden Earth to the Cerberus hut......)

Thank you!

Ali M

Katie - Graham Price mentioned to me last Saturday that he was intending to collect these books from you at Hidden Earth or arrange for them to be collected. He does not follow ukcaving so I have forwarded your meassage to him.


Active member
Thank you Ali!
It is Graham I have emailed but I haven't had any reply - and I was only going to bring them to Hidden Earth (they will fill my boot!) if I was sure someone would be able to collect. Sounds like all is well and I should put them in.