LOST - 1 x MCG Club hut sign


it's probably still there - will swap for a bat!  :LOL:


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Wowwwwww you all do Christmas trees a lot different than we do in the States! hehehe. Yours looks like Halloween meets Christmas!


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I dunno....based on the shenagans that go around over there I sometimes wonder about ya'all - I'm not sure sillyness like that I would say is "just the BEC" =P

Then again, I've seen my some bizarre things going on down in TAG so I probably shouldn't be talking >_>
its a fine looking tree, and i like the decorations, but i am surprised to see how sparkly white its looking for a cavers christmas tree. i had expected to see more brown streaks, but it is early in the season. aside from that, its a cracker  :)