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Lost in Swinsto. Petzl Rollclip

Ian P

Active member
One minute on back of harness, then gone !  Probably attached to another crab with green 7mm cord attached.
Very grateful for its return, it was brand new.


Active member
Sorry i haven't found it, but you never know.

A couple of years back However I walked up Pic D Anie in the Pyrenees from Lescun.
We set off really early to avoid the heat, so were first along the path and after about an hour came across a rock shoe lying forlornly in the middle of the path.
The question was had it been dropped on the way in or the way out and should i take it with me or leave it there?
After pondering I decided to take it and see if re uniting it with its owner could make someones day.
About another hour or so later there was a great looking crag with a hut near its base.
I left the path and walked towards the hut, but as I approached I spied 2 guys at the base of the cliff getting ready to climb.
Taking a closer look I could see one turning his bag inside out and searching through all their stuff.
Imagine his face as I approached casually throwing the rock shoe up in the air and catching it.
So you never know someone may find what your missing and finding something and returning it at the right moment can be pretty special - I think I grinned more than him.
Good Luck