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Lost In Waterwheel Swallet


New member
Sunday 29th May - The Lake Gods of Waterwheel Swallet decided to take my nice Fenix back up torch just as I was crouching on the dam at the edge of the lake. Not sure if it fell the dry or wet side but I didn't hear a splash!!
Would love it back if someone finds it without having to dive for it!


New member
Are all the dams still functional?
They are indeed. Still a fun trip all round. Obligatory photo of Bratchley enjoying their continued existence.


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cap n chris

Well-known member
FYI (anyone unfamiliar with Waterwheel Swallet - which is neatly little aquatic fun trip on Mendip), digging chum Michael Perryman made a nice film which shows it well, here:

It's nice to know the dams still work after the efforts put in to remediating them for Willie Stanton some yonks back (admittedly a cheeky additional one was put in part-way along the second crawl but the temptation was too great to resist).


New member
Hey Hugh, good news!
I think I found your torch on Saturday. I've tested it with another battery and it's still working. Let me know how I can get it to you.
Hi Paperclipmonkey - fantastic news and thank you. I have to ask where exactly was it?? Are you Somerset based as I am a member of MNRC down there and have friends nearby there where it could be dropped off. Or I could give you my address to have it posted but then you'd have to give me your bank details so I can cover the postage and cover a slab of beer too!! Mind you, I'll still need some details even if you drop it off to cover some beers.


New member
Hi Mike, Can I ask that you hand it to Hannah Bennett on the 2nd when you at the BEC party please. She'll take it on to our base The Stump in Wales the following weekend when we are meeting up.
And do you have a favourite tipple?


New member
Hey Hugh, yeah sure I'll hand it to Hannah then. It's such a resilient torch to survive that long! I'm a BEC member and we drink anything, Cheers! Glad I could help. :clap: