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Masson graffiti - any volunteers for a scrubbing session?


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A report has just come in to DCA about some red spray-paint arrows appearing in Masson. If you are planning a trip in there in the near future and fancy factoring in some time for a bit of a scrubbing session then that would be ace. If anyone wants to organise a scrubbing party locally then that would also be very much appreciated. DCA can fund some brushes etc.. if needed.
Pop me an email if you willing to organise something and I'll help in whatever way I can.
Pete Knight
P.S. there have been no reports of parking issues up here since DCA/BMC issued the suggested parking spot map. Glad to see things appear to have settled down.


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Many thanks to Robin and Steve from Leicestershire Scouts Caving Team for having a bit of a cleaning session this week, much appreciated.
Other arrows might remain, and there is some litter to clear up, so if anyone else is heading in do consider taking a rubbish bag or a brush to sort anything you find.
Thanks again from the DCA.