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Matt Range (SUSS)


It's with great sadness to inform you of the passing of Matt Range (54) after a short illness. The funeral took place on the 20th July at Grenoside Crematorium, Sheffield. Matt and family were very close friends of ours and others in Sheffield and elsewhere. His loss has been felt deeply.
He was a keen SUSS caver in the 80's and went to Crete twice, France, and Turkey on SUSS expeditions. Many great nights were had in the Hill Inn with Matt one of the keener drinkers. Post SUSS he went to the Nepal Himalayas 3 times, India, America plus countless times to the Alps. He became a keen climber/mountaineer, and  skier including the Haute Route. Later we started caving again and were fortunate to go down Titan-Peak on the SUSS 50th anniversary weekend in Castleton. He was a naturally gifted cyclist and required no training to do the TNR by the high level route last year.
He will been greatly missed by all.
RIP Matt.



So sad to hear this
Bumping into Matt and Dick seemed to have become a ten yearly event since the early High Rise days
The last time during Eurospeleo was typical with very little effort required to lead them astray after a good days caving and it seemed just like it always had
A really nice guy and a great character gone way too soon


Cheers, yes it was a good pint and chat. Not sure who you're still in contact with from the High Rise days but if you could let them know I'd be grateful. 2020 has certainly been a shit year.


Staff member
Hi Fatman - this is quite a shock as I always remember Matt as being so healthy, fit and strong.  Thanks for letting us all know.  A couple of us from the High Rise days are active on the forum and I'll let any of the others I run into know.  I echo Wardy in bumping into you two every few years at Inglesport and at the Bunkhouse for those Eurospeleo beers.  I only have fond memories of Matt and can picture his smiling face at Cavendish Street now.  Condolences to you for losing a besty too young and to his family of course.  RIP Matt


Many thanks Badlad, yes a shock to us all and it'll take a while to fully sink in whats happened.

Mark Wright

This really is sad news.

Like Wardy and Badlad I've only seen Matt on a few occasions since the High Rise days but when I did it was usually memorable.

One particular meeting was on the evening of Saturday 30th June 2007 and the last night of being able to smoke in a pub before the ban was introduced on the morning of the 1st July.

Matt and Dick walked into my local, Fagan's in Sheffield, and sat themselves down with a pint. Minutes later Matt pulls out a packet of Benson & Hedges. They were normally strict non-smokers and a 'fairly' clean living pair but had decided to mark the landmark occasion with a night out in one of Sheffield's finest live music bars with the finest Guiness on tap and smoke to their hearts content while it was still legal.

It made me chuckle.

RIP Matt



Cheers Mark, yes we often talked about that night. My last big night with Matt was in the Washington pogoing to the Buzzcocks at some unearthly hour. Matt's 50th in Argentiere was 4 nights of mayhem including him beating one of the worlds top climbers at arm wrestling.


New member
Very sad to see this. Was just searching to see if Matt was still caving and was very shocked to read this from 2 years ago. Matt was always so fit and healthy when I knew him. It's hard to imagine what happened. Very sorry for all his family and friends. I wonder if there is any permanent memorial to Matt somewhere.