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Mayday Hole - New SRT trip in the Dales


Staff member
Leave the rope up the aven.  There is another unclimbed aven above it.  Have a go if you like.

The one on the ledge is the one Al S has brought out for me - thanks again.

Al S

Sorry Badlad, been utterly inept at getting rope to Inglesport.
Did go on another trip down Mayday last night though and have taken out the other rope at the bottom along with its 2 hangers so can now drop both off.
If you need them urgently, let me know and I'll try and sort something out.


Staff member
A big thanks again. I have picked up the ropes and hangers from Inglesport. The tatty rope from the bottom of Mayday has now returned to Dowlass Moss - to a different dig in a different cave - and only as a drag tray rope.