Methane explosion in Siberian Coal Mine


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are there possibilities of methane explosions in caves :-\

or is it mainly coal mines

Peter Burgess

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And metal mines, especially flooded sections where old timber has been submerged for many years. A nasty accident in Ding Dong Mine, Penwith (Cornwall) many years ago when an old adit was reopened.


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Probably the worst non coal mine underground methane explosion in the UK in recent years was the Abbeystead pumping station disaster in (IIRC) the 1980's. A group of villagers from St. Micheal on the Wyre, whom were were now protected from flooding by the station, were blown up during a visit to the scheme. No one envisaged that the tunnel feeding the pumps was in methane baring strata & so the pumps were non FLP. The resulting explosion when the pumps were started for the visit was sufficient to blow the concrete roof of the station.
Sincere apologies to anyone involved for any discrepancies in my post, as it is entirely from memory.