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Missing person N.Yorks with caving links


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Cleveland and swaledale mountain rescue teams:


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There's several ironstone mines potentially accessible in that area, some of which you really shouldn't go into without some means of checking oxygen levels - really hope he hasn't gone into one of them!


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Hopefully the MRO have contacted the Cleveland Mines Historical Society, they'll know everything potentially accessible in the area.


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Bad news, and sounds like exactly what I feared has happened - he'd gone into an ironstone mine without a 4-gas or suchlike, has gone into bad air and been overcome 😢


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Very sad news 😞
I was shocked to hear about Adam having gone missing... I've met him on an Exploring Abandoned Mines workshop in the Peaks and he seemed keen to learn and explore the unknown.
Rest in peace Adam.


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A terrible news to read .

Exploring iron mines is extremely dangerous. We have seen lots of times 19% o2 which is sort of on the limit of acceptable with 3.5% co2 .

I hope this terrible loss has not been for nothing, it should be a warning for other people to do there research so this doesn’t happen again.

Rest in peace Adam.


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I've been in there, and down the drift in question (99% sure of that). As we went down, I suddenly realised my pulse was absolutely racing, so we turned back. Very easy to get carried away as it just carries on down, invitingly!

Somebody else did have a gas monitor, but I don't know what the numbers were.



Absolute tragedy.

The really sad thing is this mine is well known for bad air. I got caught out down there in 1990; fortunately I realised there was a problem and bailed.