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Hi Jopo, Hope you are well, long time no see.
Minutes etc are here


On the BCA website at the top of the page is a drop down titled About, open that and then Documents and Minutes to access all the previous doucments that have been posted. The link above will take you straight in though.
Kind Regards


Those only go back to 2004 and the minutes are pretty terrible during that decade (sparse! Maybe they were too busy caving!)
I know the suss library has minutes from previous to that so the BCL certainly will, if you wish to go back further. I've often found that more information can be gleaned from talking to the people who were actually there however.


Cheers Russel. Trust you are well. The early minutes of the BCA actually gave me some of the info I am after.

Anybody know off hand who was the first chairman of the NCA ?



Active member
NCA also could be:
National Cheerleaders Association
National Command Authority
National Committee on Accreditation
National Construction Authority
National Communications Authority
National Crime Agency - Not sure if this one is to do with committing crime, or stopping it.
Nothern College of Acupuncture
National College of Arts
New Christian Academy
National Capital Authority
Norwegian Church Aid
North Cancer Alliance - pretty sure this one is against cancer, rather than for it, though you never know.
Nippon Cargo Airlines
National Coffee Association
National Cybersecurity Authority

amongst others!