NCHECC @ The Farm


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Hey all,

Hope you're having a fab week!

Just a heads up to cavers in Yorkshire this weekend who are not attending the CHECC event.

This weekend we have over 100 students at the farm. This means that Ease Gill entrances will be busy and parking will likely be difficult.

CNCC have also sent out an email.

Many thanks,



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Thanks for another great weekend you fluffy checclings :p, I'm tired, but not "Dog-tired" as I heard one of the Yorkshire-Irish cavers say over the weekend, I guess just tired is better than Dog-tired.

Another lovely bunch of students inducted into cave surveying, and one became an unwitting tutor on Friday night, I couldn't have had a better sidekick for teaching surveying, so thank you Chloe from Newcastle(?).

We rapidly went though some of the basics in order to jump straight into Bull pot of the witches. with two teams of 3 we were able to check calibration on the instruments, have a go at Calibration and then organise ourselves to join up at one of the junctions, with one surveying upto the open pot. and the other surveying down a passage and back into the raised aven.

Whilst there's simply not enough time to cover everything, I gave it a good shot, and at the end of the day, i was thinking back: did I really delve into all of that with them. Thank you to the Red Rose, for allowing the next generation of Cave surveyors to use one of your rooms for a good amount of time on the Saturday and thank you to Nick Bairstowe for lending your Disto/PDA for the three separate quickfire-intro cave surveying sessions I've run in the last month.

I promise I will get the documents to the students^2 that took part this week, but afraid it won't be tonight as I want to check them over slightly before handing them over.

The students loved the LOX model which therion can generate quite quickly after data input, which I showed and was able to get spinning for a video or two. unfortunately it is a bit Spikey at the moment, with some data processing in Therion, it will probably lose some of its spikes and become more polished.
They were particularly aesthetically pleased with the hading/sloping donut loop in the centre of the image.


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A big thank you to the gang I took on some leadership training for engaging so well with it, and hopefully coming away with a keen eye on what it takes to be a great leader.

Splitting the day in three between some 'classroom' theory, some playing with ropes in Ingleton Quarry, and then a little trip looking after 'Timmy' going through Great Douk.

Looking forwards to arranging more of these trainings as the first two (SCHECC and NCHECC) seem to have gone down a treat!


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Apologies for the delayed response!

Massive thank you to everyone over the weekend! To our volunteers, trainers, cooks, Steve, CRO, RRCPC, those who helped with the big clean, those who took rubbish bags away and those who ran to cave entrances. Another successful CHECC event!

Well done everyone 😘