Schecc - Thanks from the old'uns for a good weekend


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Many thanks for Southern Checc for allowing a couple of cavers to join you and share some skills and waffle on for a bit.

It was a great weekend in south wales, and amazing to meet the southern side of student caving, I'm afraid I must confess I didn't know many of you well before the weekend, but I'm sure the other guys would agree you made us feel welcome.

It wasn't until I got home and was talking about it to my neighbour who had noticed I had been organised prior to the weekend. We had a conversation that went along the lines of:
"where did you go this weekend"
"down to South Wales, helping to deliver cave surveying training to some students"
"ah, the Universities of South Wales"
"well, not quite, all of the University Caving clubs from the South of Britain"

It is not until you have to put it into words that you realise what an amazing event this is and what a great job the guys that put it all together do.

Again thank you for a great weekend, please find attached a screenshot of the surveyors loop around to "Big Chamber" with one group doing the left hand loop and the other doing the right hand loop.

I hope my group all enjoyed pinging lasers around, and learned a thing or two about surveying, I hope I wasn't too rusty as I had not picked up a surveying device or delivered any training for close to 16months.

If any of you want the full file set, please let me know or wish to go on and learn about Therion. Then we can do that, I have sent across the full file set to Winnie, who seemed keen to have a go at progressing the skills further.



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On behalf of Cardiff students (and everyone else that was there) thank you guys for coming. It's always nice to talk to cavers from outside of the student bubble and get some good training and good stories. A very fun weekend all around


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Thanks to Cardiff who let us borrow the rope for the SRT training in Powell's cave, and the other SRT instructors who made sure I didn't go too off the rails - and of course all the students who hopefully learned some useful skills!

(PS extra well done to the people on the Sunday training who were doing knot passes by the end of it!)


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And thanks to the CHECC Committee, the chefs, and the rest of the general helpers and volunteers who do the organizing, setting up, running and (most important and terrifying of all) the clean-up afterwards :)