New and updated topos - June 2024


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Entrance to the recently anchored Fossil Pot - a superb and under-appreciated trip in Wharfedale.

In the last few weeks we have uploaded new topos for:
  • Fossil Pot (anchoring completed last month)
  • North by North End Pot (anchoring completed just a few weeks ago)
  • County Pot
As well as updating other topos with some fairly substantial changes following reanchoring works:
  • Simpson's Pot
  • Marilyn/Disappointment Pot
Please read the full story here:


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Just to add to the above post, we have just uploaded a route description for North by North End Pot, to cover the route to The Eastern Front, and also towards Coates Cavern, passing the points where Large Pot enters via Colossus and, later, where New Rift Pot enters. Thank you to our volunteer who took the time to put this together following a recent trip.

This is a good time to provide a reminder that North by North End Pot is a trip that must be treated with great caution owing to the overall looseness throughout, particularly around the top of Llean Bean Aven.

Enjoy... but with considerable care!

You can read more about this new pothole in the latest Descent and also in our most recent newsletter (#15):

If venturing to The Eastern Front, please take extra care around the formations. You will see the additional taping and signage put in place by the digging team, which should be respected. If venturing towards Rift/Large Pot, remember there are flood-prone ducks and squeezes on route, and if heading onto Ireby Fell Caverns, remember that this is quite a serious undertaking, both physically and navigationally.