Topo and description updates


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We are pleased to make a few additions/changes to our rigging topo and route description catalogue on our website:
  • The Mistral - Brand new route description to Gour Hall now added.
  • Bull Pot of the Witches - Brand new route description to Long Gallery now added.
  • Leck Fell Master Cave - Description amended in several places and Death's Head Hole topo updated.
  • FOUL Pot - A second (drier) route has been anchored down the second part of Man O' War pitch. Topo updated.
  • Hurnel Moss Pot - Topo updated to show the final pitch to the streamway (this was not previously shown).
  • Notts Pot - Topo updated to reflect a few minor anchor changes around the entrance area.
Full details on each here:

Thank you to our volunteer who put together The Mistral and Bull Pot of the Witches route descriptions. These are both complex systems, so we hope that having a focused, destination-specific route description, will prove useful particularly for novice groups.

Remember, we encourage you to always check the most recent online topo/description before your trip (rather than rely on one you downloaded several months ago), and always search for your chosen cave on our website before your trip to make yourself aware of any relevant notices/warnings.