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New BCRA Facebook Group

Mike Butch

New member
To all interested in cave science, there's a brand new BCRA facebook group for you to join. There you can keep up to date with all the exciting new developments in the world of cave science, share your own research, and ask those burning questions about the world beneath you feet. 

The BCRA are currently offering bursaries for cave research projects, so there's never been a better time to get involved.

Join it here:


New member
duly joined, Excellent. I might have some suitable cover photos for you. Long, not too high ones.

I am looking to apply for a cave research grant soon. To do some water tracing tests I need to do this winter. Mostly for cost of dye.

Regards, Mel.

Mike Butch

New member
Awesome. I must admit i'm not actually too familiar with what bursaries are available, and what the requirements are. But the joy's of the facebook group are that you can ask about them there and expect to receive a reply from someone who does know within seconds.