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New Goyden Developments


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Blessed indeed. We are digging in an old quarry and its giving us nice flag stones. You can see where we have nicked them :)
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Good News - Quarry Dig Hits Rock Bottom and Takes a Turn for the Worse!

Tony prodded the base of the dig looking for the depth to the limestone base while Chris built yet another wall to turn the buttresses into steps. The metal bar only went into the dig floor about 30cm and was hitting something solid. We started to dig down and was soon joined by Ian. It was not long before we hit rock bottom as we uncovered the limestone base of the quarry. To one side it stepped down further and took a turn for the worse as it unfortunately headed back under one of our walls. Things were looking unstable there so we removed a lot of stone off the top section. Good job because the bottom section then collapsed and was hauled out. At this point we all took a break and walked up to the camper van where Tony;s wife and daughter kindly made us tea and snacks. Feeling refreshed we went to the store (nearby lead mine) and in several trips carried back numerous scaffold poles, wire mesh panels and metal beams. We then built a scaffold frame over the part of the dig with a solid floor nicely using key ledges and covered it with the beams and mesh. We aim to follow the step down in the limestone to see if it steps down further as every steps moves us closer to the shale horizon now less then 1m below.



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We’ve Broken the Back of it….And Us!
Usual How Stean breakfast start for Tony and Chris then park as for New Goyden pot. First job was unload all the wooden planks and leave them by the fencing to grab as and when we require them. We then set off across the field with our digging gear. Once at the quarry dig we set about enlarging the area at the base to create a working area. It was hard work digging and cutting through the layers of metal sheets and plastic bags (old buried rubbish) the only helpful bit was it was nice to run the spade across the very flat limestone base. The spoil was put in a bucket and lifted to shoulder height then the other person took it aside and tipped it. Tired from this work we took a break to go to Guscott pot and collect 5x 5ft steel metal beams. These and two long scaff poles were ferried all the way back to our dig. After a water drink and rest we dug out more spoil leaving enough room for what will be our last wall building. We were now struggling to lift a spade let alone buckets so opted to put the metal beams across the scaff covering the dig site. In the future they will be fixed in position leaving just a hatch way by the ladder down into the digging area below. Finally we stumbled like two drunken men back across the field to the cars. We have broken the back of the dig things should get easier from now on. The barmaid Megan was amused at the state of the two of us when we arrived in the pub with beaten bodies and vacant tired looks lol.


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This week's dig nearly did not happen. Chris was down with Covid, Tony's wife was not well, the weather was awful to start the day. But then it all came together. We all managed to get there all be it with Chris standing back from the diggers looking washed out. Even the weather improved.
Ralf immediately set about drilling into the base limestone (see video). Tony lugged rocks from around to make steps and further work on the entrance roof work. Unfortunately he pulled his back lifting the first stone of the day and now paying for that mistake! Chris brought the essential digging gear and then potted about faffing with bits and pieces.
Initially the rock demolishing gear was not working but was eventually sorted and with the limited resources we had on this day were pleasantly surprised with the result. Half of the floor area to be removed was to a depth of about 15cm.
Chris went home early needing warmth and rest. Tony and Ralf finished off the entrance roof by filling in any remaining gaps with stones. It is all ready now for fixing an entrance lid and covering the surrounding area/roof with soil/slabs. Things are going to plan so far, good progress but we cant wait to get back underground and empty that shaft heading towards this dig.