'New' Rift Pot/Large Pot incident


It's beginning to feel a bit like the 1970's or '80's, with three protracted cave rescues in just a few weeks, but that is what we're here for.
This weekend's callout falls squarely in the 'avoidable' category. It's great to have an ambitious plan for what you want to achieve, but when 2 out of 2 of your trips end with rescue teams being called to assist, it's probably time to reassess your goals and risk assessment strategy.
Sincere thanks to our colleagues at Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation, Swaledale MRT and Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association for their invaluable assistance this weekend in conditions that on Saturday night had several of our experienced cavers seriously concerned for their own safety, let alone that of the casualties.

Images: Rachel@CRO


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Sorry for turning up at the lane rather than the RV, but thank you for letting me wash off some Derbyshire mud in the crawl to my turn around point, the head of Route 66? Need to do a proper trip down there at some point, reminded me it must be 8 years since my last trip in new rift, the fence looks fantastic.

Will be sure to actually read next time. :)

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Unfortunately my wife has seen the picture of the ?tent? and I?m now under pressure to upgrade my trusty Vango Mk4 to something you can stand in, before our retirement road trip. Starting her camping career in a Phoenix Phreak didn?t help. Please don?t add fuel to the fire.  :LOL:


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The shout got me out of cycling in dreadful weather, for which I am thankful for. Though I hear the weather improved once we had gone underground.


Apologies if any of the post in reply have an 'unlike' from CRO. I can't work out for the life of me what goes on when I press the like button. It says CRO likes this, but shows a thumb down?
Easily confused :confused:

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CRO said:
It says CRO likes this, but shows a thumb down?

Don't worry, the "thumbs down" is just there to let you change your mind and remove the "like" -- for example, if you accidentally clicked on "thumbs up". There is no option to "dislike" a post.

(It's not a great interface, but user interface design is hard.)