New rigging guide and descriptions


Here's a couple of ideas for caving trips after lockdown...

Boggarts Roaring Holes (Dowlass Moss) has been recently IC anchored throughout (before lockdown!) and a new rigging topo is now available to download.

Two new route descriptions are also available - one for Boggarts and another for Trapdoor Pot...

Thank you to our excellent CNCC volunteers for their hard work.

Looking forward to getting back underground!  :D


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Nice one. It may be worth noting in the guide for Boggerts that the low crawl beyond penguin hall floods in really wet weather. Its not a dry trip people think it is, despite what it says in NFTFH. A waterfall appears in the roof of the crawl well before you reach the actual stream-way and makes things too wet. Not certain how one could build a damn to divert that as it says in the book.

The drilled hole over the pit is useful, I have always done it unprotected and it's nice to know I don't have to anymore.

EDIT: I see the warning about very wet weather, so you already covered this. But it's still worth mentioning where you run into trouble a short jaunt down to penguin hall might be worth the trip.


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What is the size limit for these slender sounding holes? Easier or harder than Pippikin for instance?


Trapdoor is certainly physically narrower than Pippikin in places.

I don't remember the narrower parts of Boggarts being especially tight. Perhaps on a par with Pippikin, but I'm sure others will contribute with their views/experiences.


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Pippikin very smooth so you basically fall through on the way down. Trapdoor much less travelled and I think narrower as Mark says. Never done Boggarts, it sounds like a shithole. I'm sure I will be forced into it on a rainy day at some point...


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I have done it - as far as pitch 6, so it can't be too bad.  I remember it as being awkward, unrelentingly snug and a bit thrutchy, but not what you'd call desperately tight.