Nidderdale Weekend


A bit short notice I know, sorry.

Next weekend 3rd/4th July the BSD are having a full weekend in Nidderdale.

Saturday we will be digging the top of high aven between Hardy Pools passage and the Planetarium. Also a team will be starting to dig in Hardy Pools passage where last weekend we got a positive dye trace from Pigskin Pot surface shaft.

Sunday morning  there will be a tourist trip to show the delights of Goyden to some novice cavers and later a longer/harder trip probably Frog Pot to Thrope Pot via Aquamole series and New Goyden (approx 3 hours with the sights)

Sunday morning will also see a team into the Test of Faith dig in Guscott Pot, almost guaranteed we will make of a bit of progress in here. Short but tough trip to get there though.

Anybody is welcome to come along, you can join us or do your own thing, if the area is new to you we can offer advice and point you in the right direction.

A few beers will be had on Saturday evening for those of us staying over. Should be a good do.

If anyone wants more info drop me a pm.



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Scud has booked me for helping with some surveying next weekend, but this sounds absolutely fantastic! Some cracking camping spots there too :)


Weekend Report:

Saturday went as expected with the digs pushed at the top of Fox aven and the Dye Hard inlet, with both stiil looking promising for further gains. We were a little bit wary of the forcast thunderstorms so the digging was cut short a little but we needent have worried as we saw nothing untill late evening when we had a biblical 15 mins of storm. Good fun wathcing AlexR's tent which was only 25m away totally dissapear into the murk and rain. Glad I wasn't in it.

On Sunday the novice and and the stal sample collection trips had been canceled due to the rubbish forcast but again sods law dictated the water levels were good and it did not rain untill mid afternoon by which time we were back in the pub.

Due to the forcast we decided to have a run down the caves of Howstean and then a short trip into Canal cave with only Alex reaching the end. Next was Nidd Heads where we splashed around all the non diver accessible stuff of which there is a supprising amount. The long duck to sump 1 was just open but not even Alex fancied it. Both the above caves are well worth the effort to visit if you are in the area.

Whilst we were there a very famous southern cave diver  :eek: turned up for a couple of days diving. Take note Benfool.

All in all a good weekend with good mates.

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