Northern Caving - CNCC Newsletter 15 out now


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We’re proud to announce publication of our 15th newsletter 'Northern Caving' for June 2024

Although this is the 15th newsletter of a series that has been running for nearly ten years, this is only the second newsletter under the new title of ‘Northern Caving’ and the first under our new name as the Council for the Northern Caving Community.

This is also our largest newsletter yet and is a compilation of all the work we have performed or supported over the last six months, plus a few other articles too.

You can download the newsletter to read online from here:

You can find articles covering:
  • Our AGM and name change
  • A report on North by North End Pot
  • An article by our new Inclusivity Coordinator
  • Reports on various training workshops
  • Newly completed anchor projects
  • Conservation efforts at Stump Cross
  • Access and safety notices
  • Topos and cave descriptions
  • Plus lots more
Paper copies will be posted to all the usual addresses and will also be available at our meeting next Saturday (22nd June, 9:30am, Clapham Village Hall).

We’d like to thank the contributors to this newsletter, who have helped us showcase all the work being done, from small initiatives to major projects, to keep northern caving accessible, safe and enjoyable.


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To quote Pitlamp:
"CNCC is being spectacularly well run currently. It's doing a great job for the caving community at large, in many ways."
. . . and this superb newsletter demonstrates some of them. Well done, Matt and Gary!


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Lovely glossy paper copies of the newsletter are now available and are being distributed to all club huts nationally, as well as Inglesport, two separate National Park offices, the British Caving Library and a few other usual places.

If you know any other venues that would be happy to display this and future issues, where they might generate some interest (either amongst cavers, non-cavers, landowners or national bodies/authorities) please let us know.

Spare copies will also be available at our meeting tomorrow (Saturday, 22nd June, 9:30am, Clapham Village Hall, see separate thread).


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With my Village Hall hat on, its a bit late now but I'm wondering if a few copies could be left at the Village Hall itself? The facility is widely used, including by bodies representing the likes of the National Park, The Yorkshire Dales Millenium Trust, Natural England, the farming community etc, as well a by a number of caving clubs, so almost a captive audience of those you'd like to get the messages across to. If there are a few spare ones then PM me and we can sort something.