Not new, but new to UKcaving


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Hello, I?m QC and as the title suggests I?m not totally new to caving (started 2017) but I am new to (long time lurker first time poster).

Based in the annoyingly caveless Cambridgeshire but a mendip boy originally, I?ve done some caving with a couple of clubs and have caved in The Dales, Peaks, Mendips, Forest of Dean & South Wales. Also Cantabria and some minor experiences in NZ.

I?ve not been underground since Covid happened, looking to make new contacts to make it happen more frequently and learn learn learn.


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Welcome to the forum QC.  I know it is a long way to drive but if you are thinking of a holiday the Craven Pothole Club are having a non-winch meet at Gaping Gill.  See here for details
Otherwise lots of caving going on but you do need a group of mates or a club.  If you have not seen it already check out the CNCC website for information, topos etc etc

Happy caving