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Oak stemple from Far Sump Extension


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I don't think that tale has appeared as yet in any book. But if you read any of the printed material from PDMHS about the (re)discovery of JH, it's (re)connection to Speedwell and then to Peak Cavern's Far Sump Extension by modern cavers, that's probably the best source of information.
This is the one you want, from Mining History 13:3 - https://pdmhs.co.uk/MiningHistory/Bulletin 13-3 - The Connection of James Hall's Over Engine Mine to Peak and Speedwell Caverns.pdf
There's also this paper by Richard Shaw about Pilkingtons Cavern that might be of interest - https://pdmhs.co.uk/MiningHistory/Bulletin 8-5 - Pilkington's Cavern, Castleton.pdf
And this one about James PLumtree's visit in the 18th century - https://pdmhs.co.uk/MiningHistory/Bulletin 11-6 - 18th Century Visit to the Speedwell Mine at Castleton by James Plumptre.pdf


Ian Ball

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Thank you! My knowledge of the Peak is effectively nil, but my armchair is cosy and improved with a deep tea mug and a book