Ogof Cnwc acess key 🔑


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Hello all,

I'm not new to caving, as I have alot of experience through my career in the armed forces, but I am new to forums etc, I'm hoping to continue caving now I am out of the military and have been going myself to non gated caves but I would like to get hold of a key especially for Cnwc as I've never entered daren that way,

If anyone could help me out that would be very much appreciated,


Stuart France

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You can also get an Ogof Cnwc key for the day locally from me as an alternative to setting up a key collection from Whitewalls.
See the contacts list at cambriancavingcouncil.org.uk

The local cave management committee is in effect in limbo having been un-friended by NRW, albeit nicely done with coffees and quality biscuits, and we're shortly setting up a meeting with the Mynydd Llangattock landowner who is being very pragmatic about everything being run by local cavers going forward rather than by NRW inside a wrapper. In the meanwhile we're trying, one way or another, to make keys available easily to bona fide cavers.

There's a significant bat population developed in Busmans's Holiday (and its connecting passages) since the Ogof Cnwc connection gave the bats ready access to places hitherto unreachable, and that's the reason now for keeping the gate so as to prevent entry by people unaware of the wildlife issues. Originally the gate was to prevent anyone meddling while it was a digging project, prior to any connection with Daren.


Stuart France

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From 18th July 2022 your Ogof Cnwc key will also get you into Ogof Craig a'Ffynnon (OCAF) when the old OCAF key gets replaced.