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Ogof Draenen Thursday 11th August


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Couple of little remarks: The missing rung on the Balcony Pitch ladder is currently in the hands of Rob as the SUSS Near Miss Award. It came detached from its chums under Biffa ("ping" goes the rung. "eeeek" thinks everyone at the bottom of the pitch. "Unexpected silence" goes the Biffa, rather than the "thump" we expected.....).

Can't think of the desperate handline climb you describe but it sounds like you had a right time of it in the Squirrel Rifts. Personally love the Agent Blorenge inlet and reckon Draenen round trip to be one of the best, but I can see if you were expecting a straightforward streamway march you were had good and proper.....
Now I have managed to login, I want to thank all the chaps for getting me round. For cajoling, showing me the nooks and crannies of where to put my hands and feet, the best way to navigate the climbs and Indiana Highway, for standing in the horrid big holes, letting me stand, sit on heads, arms, legs and lowering me down gently on the end of the rope. It was a fantastic if exhausting trip, I was rather glad to see all of them dripping with sweat so it wasn't just me finding it hot work. The stream-ways where wonderfully scalloped, with glimpses of great white formations, the water ankle deep and then suddenly almost swimming. The muddy slippery boulders where hard work on the ankles and knees and as advised by Andy the crawl, squeeze, switchbacks and climb back up the scaffolding to the entrance was THE worst bit with energy completely sapped. I was glad that Chris didn't have to strip completely to get out but Andy singing was a wonderful incentive to keep me moving, :) thank you all.

cap n chris

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I went down, clipped only to my belt and holding the rope, hand over hand, down into the unknown depth

Of course, "If we hadn't had that rope, Ken and I would probably have jumped down", as the expression has it.

cap n chris

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Oops, erased the picture so hope this works....


Andy S, Andy H, Ken, Neil, Judi
photographed by a seething miserable git.

cucc Paul

Good trip report most of our consist of... Planned along route, got in the cave took a shorter route, got wet, got cold, PUB...


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this will probably never get read but the trip to riflemans chamber was my first caving trip this was probably the hardest thing ive ever done i play rugby week in week out  an im nearly 18 stone and struggled at points with getting through some of the tight squeezes i got two minds wether to go back  o_O o_O