Ogof Rhyd Sych advice


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Hi everyone!

Firstly thanks for having me on the forum; I’ve followed threads for a long time but due to IT issues with verification emails have never been able to join until now. Fortunately Jane managed to sort my login this week so I can finally post!

Anyway; I’ve been fancying trying Ogof Rhyd Sych for a while. I’ve seen plenty of photos and heard it is good fun. However, I’m wondering if I’ll actually fit along the bedding planes, and was wondering just how tight they get (it’s a long way just to find disappointment waiting) and if any other large cavers have managed to get through. I’ve seen plenty of videos and photos but have yet to find a single large caver who has even tried it!
I’m 6ft 4, and have a 44” chest. I’ve managed a fair few unlikely squeezes in the last six months (Pen Eyryr corkscrew was pretty close to my size limit, but did get through, with a very scraped chest and oversuit and undersuit unzipped).
Might any of you advise on just how tight the bedding planes are, and an honest opinion on whether it is even worth my trying?


Well I'm 38in chest, and I could not through the bedding planes. But they are wide so maybe I just did not find the right route.


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I think you would find it a struggle and after the bedding planes the vertical rift is possibly even tighter.
Oh really? I did meticulously study your video on it but wasn’t sure how large your team members were. That’s a shame; looks worth it for the passage at the end too