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One word to describe caving....


Staff member
Hi Folks, UKC are sponsoring an expedition and I'm writing about it. Could do with some help please.

One adjective to describe caving as in 'this XXXXX sport'.

Fascinating, wonderful etc are too boring, any ideas? Ta

I got as far as eclectic but that's not right....
Engrossing, enthralling, life-enhancing? Or, life-changing, but that could be taken in more than one way...

Thought I think rm128's 'exhilarating' may be better


Active member
I have used 'enigmatic' before as an appropriate term for caving as a sport, particularly when discussing it outside of caving circles.

When discussing it within circles who are more likely to be familiar with caving, I often use the term 'multifaceted' to emphasise that there are many different sides to caving (sport, exploration, science etc).

I have often pondered whether to refer to caving as a sport or an activity, and never really come to a conclusion in my own mind. In the end, I refer to it as whichever one seems more fitting with the context of the article or where it will be published.

Andy C

New member
Adventurous. Caving is essentially a recreational activity, generally lacking the structured competitiveness found in most sports.